Grabb A Entree


Grabb A Pizza Restaurant serves you authentic entrees


Grabb A Meal


Get meals Grilled, Fried or Boiled @ Grabb A Pizza Restaurant

Grabb A Pizza


Grabb A Pizza in-house chef makes authentic Italian pizza

Grabb A Drink 


Our Sportsbar serves both imported and local beverages

Sports Bar + Restaurant

Watch the latest sports listings at our sports bar whilst you enjoy the restuarant entrees, side menus and beverages. All this with HUGE Smart LED TV's setup at creative spots. Our bartender is always prompt to your requests and very polite.

Restaurant Menu

Local + Import

From as low as $4. 
The Sports Bar occasionally gives free beer to patrons on some holidays, sports, charity events etc.

Beverage List:

  • Domestic Beer
  • Premium Beer
  • Import Beer
  • Deluxe Beer
  •  Vodka
  • Cognac
  • Rum
  • Brandy
  • Gin
  • Whisky
  • Liqueur

Why Should You Eat At Grabb A Pizza?

With Over 15 years in food catering we present the best in authentic cuisine. Our bartenders, servers and customer service are VERY PROFESSIONAL. We value your customer experience. Tell us how we did.


Tasty! Side Orders

  • Potato Wedges, Fries (baked and fried), Onion Rings, 
  • Caesar & Garden Salad etc.


Fine Cusine
by Expert Chef

exoctic drinks

prompt service
by staff